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Sep 14, 2015
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For uber windows phone app...
1. location search is not working properly. some weird location is showing in trip estimate search.
2. No options to add credit or debit card, Airtel money etc.
3. Cash is not an urgent need. But needed.
4. In android/ios free rides are visible on payment page, which is blank in our app.
5. We cant give the destination in the app. and when the driver ask me to give the destination I just say my phone has no such option. and the driver gives me a weird look!!
6. We cant add our home and work location....
7. We cant add our business profile.
8. We cant see trips history also.
9. Difficulty in using cards. After every ride the app is saying that it can't process my trip cost from card. As expected I had to add this card via another android mobile. Credit card on Android mobile has no issue of payment.

Actually I mailed uber support but they just said to reinstall uber app. I posted to facebook page but no reply till now. Any hope whether this will be solved in near future or not!! UWP gave a hope but become very disappointed with this app quality.

forgive my english

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