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Nov 15, 2010
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So, BB Curve 8330, Storm, Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate and now the beautiful HTC HD7.

The hardware is stunning. On the outside everything rings with quality. I was using the Fascinate as a daily driver and I must say that I really don't miss SAMOLED. This screen seems to render crisper fonts, and more "honest," color representations. I'm not saying SAMOLED isn't amazing, but the screen on the HD7 isn't the slouch that a lot of reviews made it out to be. The rest of the device just feels of such quality. It has a nice heft in the hand, and the brushed metal accents are very tastefully executed.

Some people on forums/reviews are complaining about "dated internal specs," but this OS plays so well on this hardware, which to me doesn't feel dated but mature, that it is pointless to complain. Put it this way, I'm not missing the Hummingbird processor AND I don't need to use Voodoo lagfix and the HD7 is still silky.

WP7 is young, but I'm not looking back. This software is just to much of a good thing for me to ignore it because C&P won't be out until January. Or because of a ringtone. I can jump into so much content with one click and then breeze back home with one more and be on my way, without needing to delve into some cavernous application that needs access to a bunch of private information in order to work. As someone professionally active in a particular brand of "the arts," one thing I can say is that most master craftsman will learn something, push it to it's boundaries and then bring it back to earth in a simplistic presentation that allows a novice user to explore the possibilities of something beyond their scope of comprehension and WP7 OS is well on the way to doing this. Think about the platform's history and compare it to that last bit I said and see if you notice a pattern.

Such a good decision. do I tell the ol' Lady who specifically told me not to buy any more phones!

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