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Alert me WinJS Issues | Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

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I am a C# windows developer. I recently started to work with WinJS. Working with WinJS, I have noticed some challenges and limitations. Can face some new challenges as the community support for WinJS is very less. Below are the few points mentioned regarding this concern

WinJS does not support Visual Studio features like
Finding References of Classes and Variables which is very useful to code productively.
WinJS is not strongly typed as C#. So we will get to know about the errors at runtime only instead of compile time which is difficult to Debug and time taking process.
WinJS does not support feature ?What you see is what you get?. Visual Studio designer is not available for WinJS. We can see the application design only after we run the application which is again time taking thing.

There are very less chances of availability of ?Ready to Work on WinJS? resources. Because most of the developers in Windows community work on C#, XAML languages.
Direct compatibility of third party libraries for WinJS might not be available.

Have anybody experience in WinJS and faced similar issues? Or Are there any solutions exists for this? What is the scope of improvement in Windows 10 version for WinJS??