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Dec 26, 2012
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Anyone have experienced that all notification from third party application not working? Like messaging app(wechat,whatsapp,line) also social network like Facebook beta, metweet(twitter) and even I can't connect to my Facebook chat in message area...

I already have this issue for a month and waiting for amber update to see if this issue will be fixed, but today I update to amber and it fix nothing...

Do I need to factory reset my phone? Or everybody also experienced the same like me?

I'm using Lumia 820 from indonesia


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Jul 30, 2013
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My notifications are working fine, the only screwy one is facebook. Have you tried looking at the in app settings? maybe you can toggle it off and on see if it might kick in. Have a look at background tasks ? I remember disabling whatsapp and completely didnt get any updates or notification "doi". Soft reset ? just a few solutions i can think of right now.

Oh and i think DBDev wanted you to look at this part
I think my notifications are broken.... what can I do?
As we've seen in the article above, there's quite a few factors involved with push notifications. So diagnosing problems with them is tricky, and it's hard to come up with a definitive list of do's and don'ts for tracking down issues. But there are a few questions to ask and a few steps you can try.

Is battery saver off?
Do you have a working internet connection?
If you're a Data Sense user, are you within your usage limits?

If the answers to all the above are yes then about the only thing you can do (short of hard-resetting your phone) is simply to power your phone off and back on again.

If you're certain only one app is having a problem then you can uninstall it, restart your phone and then reinstall the app.

If you're having problems with one live tile not updating, it's definitely worth unpinning the tile, restarting your phone and then re-pinning the tile.

Particularly if only one app is having a problem, it's well worth checking the forums here in case others are having problems.

And it's worth testing with an app that you know should generate a notification - Whatsapp (now they've finally got a version using MPNS) is really good for this.

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