AMD zen vs INTEL Skylake & New Innovations and Technologies


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Oct 17, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I am looking forward to the new technologies and innovations coming out later this year and next that will fully take advantage of the Windows 10 OS ecosystem. I have a few questions and wish list in regards to what would be best for my next purchase.

CPUs: AMD zen vs Intel Skylake. What do you think would be better to purchase in regards to CPUs? I don't know too much about CPU, but I do have a basic grasp in understanding. AMD has something called HUMA: do Intel CPUs have that? AMD also has something called APUs which puts the CPU and GPU in the same core without the PCI bridge to avoid latency. Direct X 12 is also something that these new CPUs are going to be optimized for which will be great for gaming, watching HD movies, multi tasking etc. Will these chips be powerful, compact, and energy efficient to but fit into a small tablet?

OLED screens: Super AMOLED and OLED are going to be used in rumored Cityman and Talkman windows phones. However can that also be used for Windows Tablet screens 7inches and higher? I am betting on OLED being the future, but I don't now if there is anything else like QED display or others which are just as thin as oled, black contrast ratios of oled, and increased range of chroma. OLED is too expensive to manufacture because of low yields.

Stylus Pen: Made a thread about this, but very few OEMS are manufacturing laptops/tablets with touch screen that utilize the fine tip stylus pen like the Samsung galaxy note and surface pro series. MS recently acquired N-Trig, but how does that compare to Wacom tablets and styus pens? Will there be new innovations and refinement of the tablet screen and stylus pen that will make it possible for 1 to 1 touch/writing ration (no lag) and 2056 levels of pressure while reducing cost at the same time?

HDD/Storage: Solid State Drives are very expensive, are there new technologies that are equivalent to SSD? Most IPAD looking Windows tablets have very limited onboard memory (limited to 15GB-30GB). Is there a new technology that has much storage has HDD: 500GB that can be put into an IPAD looking tablet? Can SD cards have higher capacity than 128GB storage?

Optical Drives: I still don't get why certain desktop towers, all in one touch desktops still use the dinosaur DVD-R/W drive. Why isn't BluRay R/W a standard? Are there any laptops in which you can put an ultra slim Blu-Ray Recordable/Rewritable drive? Will there be a 4K Recordable/Rewritable Blu-Ray Disk drive?

Lossless Audio: With windows10 support for FLAC, and AMD's True Audio technology, will music streaming also be in lossless audio quality?

Oculus Rift/VR Headset/Augmented Reality/MS HoloLens/Kinect/Haptics Can this all be integrated together? Give voice commands to cortana, using haptics and kinetic movement through ms Kinect, putting on glasses or vr headset to be more immersed in playing a game, business conference, along with touch screen and writing with stylus pen is a great bright future for consumers.

Tell me what you guys think! :amaze:

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