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Anyone else having an issue with Cortana only working for one user on a desktop?

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I have 2 accounts on my SP3 - a personal one, and one I use for work (it doesn't have any work restrictions, just a way of separating things.

They have exactly the same region and language settings but just recently Search and Cortana stopped working for the work account.

I've spoken to support several frustrating times about this, and the best solution they could come up with is that the user account was corrupt and that I should delete it and start again.

I did that but when I've created a new account, without syncing any settings from the previous 'corrupt' one, I'm getting the same problem.

I'm loath to contact support again, as they really weren't very helpful and spent a lot of time poking around on my Surface, trying to find settings etc - it's like they've never used Windows 10 before.

Any help would be appreciated - it's crazy how used to the Search bar I got for most things I tried to do.


New member
Jun 11, 2014
The solution was to "upgrade" to Windows 10. Didn't change any settings, just ran an upgrade again, kept files, and now it works for both accounts again