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Anyway, what third-party calculator are people using that functions like the Windows 7 calculator?

Matt Jans

New member
May 3, 2016
I think we all agree that removing the ability to copy a formula into the default Windows calculator may be one of the DUMBEST feature dumps that Windows has done. There seems to be absolutely no purpose for this and it removes a great user shortcut that I know many of used (and I teach...taught to my students).

Anyway, what third-party calculators are people using that function like the Windows 7 calculator with respect to copy/paste?

I've searched the forum and web a bit but no strong recommendations. Thanks in advance.



Dec 31, 2012
You could probably grab the calc.exe from a Windows 7 PC and create a shortcut in 10. Not sure how 'ok' that is, but if you want the same experience, use the same program ;)

And the Windows Feedback tool can be used to give feedback. Calculator feels like it has received more updates than any other Windows 10 app so perhaps it will come at some point.


New member
Jul 14, 2008
I use the HP 12 C emulator that you can get on the Store. If you need a scientific calculator, look for the HP 12 E or the HP 15 Scientific one.