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Viktor Sze

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Feb 6, 2014
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Realarm is the the only full featured alarm app on the market.

Does your shift work require very special repeat settings? No problem with Custom recurrence, just click on days in calendar you want the alarm to go off.

Are you bored of waking up by the same ringtone every day? With random sound you can have different sound every day.

You can also schedule your alarms with calendar or agenda preview.


- Powerful reccurrence options
- Voice commands (En + Chinese)
- Alternating sounds (Random sounds)
- Hourly/Minutely recurrence
- Custom recurrence
- Calendar preview of all (single) alarm occurrences
- Quick alarm (set an alarm in just 2 clicks from you Home page)
- Agenda
- Pre selected sounds
- Beautiful live tile


Viktor Sze

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Feb 6, 2014
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Realarm updated to Update includes:
? Added following languages:
? German
? Portuguese (Brazil)
? Spanish
? Italian
? Polish
? Finnish
? Romanian
? Ukrainian
? Dutch
? Turkish
? Added playing animation to Sound selection page
? Changed Monthly recurrence logic when month does not have enough days -> now last possible day is used
? Other minor fixes and improvements
? New design in progress -> see Facebook or Twitter for latest screenshots!


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May 28, 2013
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This is a very useful and well written app. But I stopped using it some time ago. Discussions about that in another forum led me to look for a thread about it in this forum.

I contacted the author about the concern that led me to uninstall the app. That was some time ago and I don't have any verbatim transcripts but my recollection was the author couldn't or wouldn't explain his choice for how alarms are backed up.

I have dozens of things I do repeatedly. Many have fairly complex rules for when. Realarm was the only app I found that could do that.

But... the app does not back up alarms internally even though the amount of storage required is well within what apps can save. Instead it backs them up in a file on OneDrive and requires giving the app UNRESTRICTED access to everything in your OneDrive.

I'm sorry, but it is a bad practice to give anyone unrestricted access to personal information not needed for the app to function. As a bank manager friend once told me: I trust some of my customers a great deal, but I won't give any of them (including my mother) access to the vault.

So, because I won't give any app unrestricted access to my OneDrive, I would have to re-enter all my many alarms any time I have to reset or restore my device or change device.

Now maybe the OneDrive saves would let you access the alarms on multiple devices but the author did not indicate that. But regardless, I and many people have their phone as their closest device so that ability would be a fairly low priority.

The app should have the ability to save its data (alarms) internally so that a phone restore (after a reset or device change) will eliminate the need to reprogram all the alarms. Or even better have an option to access just a specific folder on OneDrive (or elsewhere) so alarms can be shared across devices without giving away the store. Its just too much to demand unrestricted access to OneDrive.


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Apr 4, 2017
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Looks like a lots of good ideas are present in the app, i will definitely try it :smile:

But yeah i guess you could let the user choose if he wants to save alarms internally or in OneDrive.
For example with a checkbox labelled "Synchronized between my devices" or somehting like that.
(it could be checked by default to keep the same behavior as the current version).

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