App Trials? What's your favorite type?


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Jan 9, 2011
Hey folks,

So we've had WP7 for several weeks now and I just wanted to get your impressions on app trial system. There are quite a few different kinds floating around out there. Limited functionality and unlimited use, unlimited functionality and limited time, unlimited functionality and limited uses, and finally unlimited functionality, unlimited use and ads. There are a lot more, but these seem to be the most common.

I'm sure you've run into a few of them. Which ones did you like best? Which ones didn't you like? Why didn't you like 'em?

If you're wondering why I'm so interested it's because I'm a developer and I'm trying to get a feel for how to best use the Trials system. I think it's a great feature and really distances WP7 from the competitors in that regard.


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Dec 16, 2010
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I like being able to test the FULL game with a LIMITITED TIME!

(this deepends on the leght of the game as well . if its a SMALL game then maybe your better hiding some features cause i might finish it befor the trial ends ;) lol)

example of this : i wanted to get the game ``Tower Bloxx`` witch looks cool BUT the trial limited , it only allows me to build 1 towers ( witch is sooo easy and almost not evan a game cause all u have to do is click and it builds it self lol) ....

Basicly what im saying is, its hard to see the FULL POTENTIAL of this game , meaning im probly not gona risk a 5$ to buy somehitng i cant evan tell if its good.

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