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[APP][UWP] gif Search - Looking for Translators


New member
Feb 2, 2016
Hey Windows Central !

gif Search!

I'm the developer of gif Search , a simple now Universal W10 app that let's you search for GIF's and then share them via link, .gif or .mp4!

The "problem"

Being that I am not an experienced developer the app is currently in a very unstable state, with critical bugs but I am launching an update almost every week and putting some effort to achieve my goal: to give the users the best experience... and to drive towards that I want to explore new possibilities and one of them is translating the app.

I need your help

I currently have the English (main), Portuguese (my language) and 90% of the Spanish translations done, the way YOU can help is if you have an Ackuna[SUP]1[/SUP] account (or want to help and create one) here is the link to the project:

Ackuna Translate - gif Search

If you don't want to use Ackuna you can translate the app using this .excel file and send the translation to gifsearch@fxprodrigues.com.

The goal is to get as many languages as possible!

Thanks in advance for the help, hope you are all enjoying Windows 10 :smile:!

All translators will be credited.

[SUP]1:[/SUP] Ackuna is a website that allows to "crowd-translate" a project by providing the application resource files.