Apps I recommend.


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Dec 12, 2012
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First app is called;
Airpla7- this lets you airplay, for the time being, pictures from your windows phone device to an apple tv or xmbc device. Music and video was said to coming soon.

Second app is;
Shopping Cart Hero3- a game

Third app;
GBCamera-exactly what it is :)

And finally;
MPAtool-fills in the gaps of missing information in your music hub.

These are a couple of apps I use. Hope any if these are of any use to you.
Sorry couldn't upload any links. I typed this using the WPcentral app for WP8


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Jul 11, 2013
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I got a bit time before i go out, so here are my recommendations of free apps which are must have

AccuWeather. It lets you chose multply locations while having the default one on screen, so you can check the weather easily at other places. The displayed data is much it, all the stats are there and so far i can tell accurate.
AccuWeather - Weather for Life | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

Flashlight-X, pretty much the name says it. Its a full functional flashlight with SOS feature included.
Flashlight-X | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

UC Browser. This browsers offers a start screen. If you need a browser which can turn on text only feature then this is a must, It s a bit more than a just skinned IE like you often will read.

PC Remote. Controls your PC via the phone, it allows you to sent files/photos via WiFi to the PC which is a nice feature IMO. The free version of the app however has limitations, but the most important stuff will work you will like it.

MooHoo Reader, definitly the best epub reader outta there, it has an wireless transfer feature beside the skydrive load. Fully customizable. The only one little thing which is a bit a turn off, not all covers are shown, but that shouldn t be a big issue for the next update.

NextGen Reader,
brilliant just must have this, acctually i would strongly recommend buying this one. Feedly is supported and workling like a charm.

Youtube HD
, it does have ads but its that big, tho the app itself is just like you would like a youtube to be, full functionality and direct mp4 download.

SoundHound. Its a quicker Shaazam, so far i got everything i have searched for and this was by far the quickiest one. Deffo recommended for everyone.

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