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Sep 15, 2011
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Aquisearch is a customizable word search game for the Windows Phone that does not limit you with a stale set of categories and difficulties. You can create your own topics and custom difficulty to expand the play experience to fit your style.

All puzzles are dynamically generated for a unique play experience each time. Words are positioned horizontal, vertical, at both angles, forward, and in reverse.

Website: Aquisearch Home
YouTube: Aquisearch Gameplay - YouTube

Key Features

5 Game Modes
Aquisearch offers 5 game modes: Traditional, Hunt, Timed, Singled Out, and Infinite. Each offers a different twist on the traditional word search puzzle.

Limitless Topics
Over 100 categories and 6,000 words are included with the game. You can create your own topics and words to keep the experience fresh.

5 Difficulty Levels
Aquisearch comes with 4 predefined difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Each increases the size of the puzzle, number of words, and the available orientations for each word placement. Additionally, there is a Custom difficulty that allows you to define your own play style.

Play Your Way
Customize your play experience through the custom difficulty level and personal categories. You can also choose to play in portrait or landscape mode.

Track your progress across dozens of statistics. The game automatically saves your progression to avoid the headache of remembering to save frequently.

Trial Mode
A Trial Mode is available on the Marketplace if you would like to test out Aquisearch before purchasing.

All major features include in-game instructions. The hint system consists of two parts: dropping unused letters to help you focus on the letters that count, and a visual guide to help you see all letters on the grid that connect to the selected letter.

Aquisearch is available today on the Windows Phone marketplace.

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