Are Hardware companies holding out ??


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Nov 1, 2010
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I beleave that hardware companies are waiting for Mango to be released before they get on board with making more WP7's !!

Sprint and Verizon are getting 1 phone ?

and we have not seen anything new or even anyone talk about a new WP7, so once you hear about a phone it take a good 3 months before you even see it on the market ?

Also the advertising ?
Only Att really has any TV adds ... anyone see one for T-Mobile

woundering if Sprint or Verizion will advertise ?


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Feb 9, 2011
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T-Mobile won't push WP7. I went in to lay down 5 bills on an off contract HD7 and the rep tried to talk me into keeping my My Touch 4G instead of buying something that she would make commission on. T-Mo is in bed with Android/Google (all their 4G phones are Android, and you only ever see adds promoting android, and the G1 and all the Nexus devices have first launched on T-Mobile). I really hope that within the next 12 months 4g windows phones start dropping. I think that manufacturers are not launching new phones because they don't need to at this moment. WP7 hasn't received any updates or anything that would benefit from new hardware. All new phones would do is cannibalize sales from their current devices, which by all means are still new.

I also kinda like the slow release of devices. On android I felt like my phone was out dated literally within weeks of me purchasing it. Every time. There is always a new android phone around the corner that is better than the one you just bought. All the windows phones are similar spec wise, you just pick the one that has the best features for you and aren't wishing you had waited 6 weeks so you could have bought something better.

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