At&t does not give unlock code, how to Unlock Nokia Lumia 920 (At&t) by Firmware update

Vitaliy Ganzha

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Oct 30, 2013
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Hi, I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 year ago and I want to unlock it because of different reasons:
- Very late GDR2 update availability from AT&T, thinking about changing the carrier
- Want to travel to Europe soon to visit my parents and want to use my cell phone there

At&t refuses to provide me unlock code because currently I'm using prepaid account and I closed account that came with cell phone on the day of purchase and, according to their customer support, their systems need 14 days to fully create account and since account was not created I'm unable to get unlock code.

So, I want to install firmware which will allow me to use sim cards from other carriers (I believe I should use firmware for product code RM-821). Can someone please tell me what product code I should use to get firmware? And as I understand I won't be able to use LTE from AT&T since it uses different frequencies in RM-820 comparing to RM-821. I found this topic but not sure which version to select. (Nokia Product Code Listing for Care Suite Download - (Nokia 925T Added) - GSM-Forum)

Thank you!


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Feb 22, 2013
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I need the code too, i purchase one from ebay and i live in Honduras, and the codes here are extremely expensives, is there a way to unlock them for free? or at least for a reasonable price, i use cellunlocker but they have more than a week and they cant found a code, thanks in advance for any suggestions

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