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Jun 30, 2012
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Today I visited two AT&T stores in the hopes that I could check out the 920 and the 8X. Unfortunately neither store had the 8X yet so it was all 920. My post is about the AT&T store experience but I have to say that the 920 is a beautiful piece of hardware. The weight issue has been vastly overstated. The phone feels great n the hand and is easily operated one handed. The first store... There was no WP8 advertising in sight but I managed to find the 920 in a corner. An employee found me and after asking if I needed help really had none to offer. He said that the 920 was new and that he really didn't know much about it. After I mentioned being a current Verizon customer he disapeared and never came back. While in the store I heard an employee answer the phone and then yell out "do we carry an HTC 8X?" The answer from the other side of the store "how the **** should I know, they don't tell us nothing." I almost interjected but I let her tell the customer on the phone "no." The second store... As soon as I picked up the 920 an employee greeted me. I mentioned that I was thinking of switching to AT&T because I love WP and the 920. He pointed out that the entire staff was wearing WP8 shirts and said that they loved WP too. My hopes were up... Then he looked around and then said softly "what I don't like about the 920 is that it's a friggin brick." He then tried to sell me the 820, talking about how superior it was to the 920! After visiting two AT&T stores I am left hoping that there is further training coming. I went in reluctantly thinking about switching from Verizon but they in their own way helped eased my tentions. They made me feel better about staying with Verizon and hoping for a better Nokia down the road. Maybe I'll get my wife an 822 and see how I like it. As for AT&T... you guys have the most exciting smartphone out there... get your employees to know that!

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