AUDIO Alerts for Missed calls/texts???


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Oct 6, 2011
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Does anyone know if there is an app or setting now for Mango that I get AUDIO alerts for missed call/texts? I'm looking for something that will cause my phone to chirp/vibrate every X minutes if I have a missed call or unread SMS/E-mail, etc until I "dismiss" it.

This is really important. I don't walk around with my phone in my pocket and rely on continual audio alerts to notify me of missed calls or texts. I've missed dozens of call and texts for hours after they've com in.

Also for calendar reminders the same thing. I set a reminder, but it doesn't do me a d*mn bit of good if I miss the 1-time sound.

This seems like a very gross overlook for W7.5. My phones from 10 years ago could notify me of a missed call. I love this interface, but this may cause me to look elsewhere, for a "smart" phone this is pretty retarded.

Please, any help?


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Dec 15, 2007
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When I am in my office I will get an alert on the phone as well as from my lepiop hotmail calendar just like in outlook. My issue as far as alerts is with me. Many times when getting out of court where the phone is either in the car or on vibrate I forget to turn the volume up. Fortunately with my focus the vibrate while its on silent is quite loud. But I understand your frustration I'm not sure that theres much you can do except go the MS voting site where they want suggestions for future updates see if soembody else has the same or similar issue and vote for it or make up one for yourself. The site already has over a 132 pages I think!

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