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Jun 29, 2011
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This thread is to get feedback/ support request on the AudioBooks app. The app was first published in May 2011.

This app presents to you more than 2500 of the greatest classic books in human history in audio book format to download and listen anytime, anywhere. The books are completely free ? so you don't have to pay to download individual books.

All the books are in public domain. You will find some great works of literature ? Victorian novels, plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, the biographies of Alexander the Great to and Thomas Edison, classics like 'The Art of War' and 'Price & Prejudice', Children's books and Short Stories. Its all there along with thousands of other audiobooks ? all absolutely free.

* More than 2500 of the greatest books in human history ? for Free.
* Only pay a one time fee for the application
* Download individual chapters; that way you can read a chapter and then decide if you want to download/read the remaining chapters
* You can download normal quality (64 bit) or higher quality (128 bit). The 128 bit recordings are double the size of the 64 bit files. So be cautious before you download the higher quality books. We recommend you download the 64 bit files.
* By default, the app is configured to run even when your phone is in locked mode.
* The ?Trial? version of the app also includes all the books and is fully functional. It is supported with ads.
* Buy the full version to get rid of the ads.
* The free Audiobooks requires an Internet connection to download the books. We recommend you download books when connected to Wi-Fi connection ? it will be much faster.
* Once you have downloaded the books, you can listen to it anywhere, even when you are not online.

Please let me know of any ways to improve the app. You can download it from

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