Back to Windows after 5 years with Apple - can I get some advice on setup?

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Back to Windows after 5 years with Apple - need advice on setup

To summarise, my question is: if I swap my Lumia 930 for an equivalent iOS/Android phone, will I get an equivalent or even better Windows app experience? I'll be using OneDrive, OneNote etc heavily, so it's important that they work well.

Longer story: I currently have a Macbook Pro 2010 that I'm definitely replacing with a Surface Pro 3. That much I know already. The Surface Pro 3 and Windows 10 look great. I'm a huge fan of OneNote and for me this is the killer app for the Surface Pro.

But I need advice on the phone. I have an iPhone 4 and I just bought a Lumia 930 to replace it. My reasoning was combining a Windows 10 phone with a Surface Pro also running Windows 10 would work awesomely.

However, I'm now having second thoughts. Although I did lots of research before buying the Lumia 930, I'm now not so sure it was the best choice. It seems possible that having an iPhone 5s or equivalent Android phone would serve me just as well with the Microsoft suite of apps (especially OneNote). And I'd also get all the other apps that are missing.


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May 7, 2013
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Re: Back to Windows after 5 years with Apple - need advice on setup

TBH you'd probably be served just as well if not better with Microsoft apps on either the other os'es. People will say it'll get better with win10 but nobody knows that for sure.

You should expect better syncing through all Microsoft devices and Cortana throughout, but honestly? It'll probably come down to personal preference.

Arunabha Goswami

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May 11, 2015
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Re: Back to Windows after 5 years with Apple - need advice on setup

Short Answer - Yes.

Longer Version : MS apps are better on iOS/Android than they are on WP8.1. That's a fact. With W10M, the answer is trickier. First of all, W10M is not released yet, and even if it releases today, it'll be at least a couple of months (optimistically) before it feels like a finished product.Also, As of now, MS experience is equivalent or better in iOS/Android. With time, the experience on W10M should get better, but that's uncertain. So if you are considering WM only for MS apps, you can (and perhaps should) definitely use iOS/Android.

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