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Aug 9, 2011
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I just got my Surface Pro 3 today, and after just a few hours I feel pretty well adjusted, having come from four years on a Windows 7 VAIO laptop. I'm a stickler with preserving metadata in my files, such as their created and modified dates, so "Easy Transfer" was my favorite backup tool, since it would restore files and keep their original created/modified dates, as opposed to dragging and dropping to an external drive, which just makes new dates for the moment that file is dragged over.

I used Easy Transfer to move all my files to my Surface, which reset the "Date Modified" for all the folders within my documents, but kept every "Date Created" so I was happy enough.

Lo and behold, I then learn that Windows 8.1 has done away with using Easy Transfer for backing up files and replaced it with File History. I did a File History backup, but upon experimenting, I saw that a file that is restored from File History is now given a new "Date Created", which would prove very annoying if I had to restore all my files. Is there a backup method that would preserve the original "Date Created/Modified" data on my files if I ever had to restore them or transfer them to a new computer?

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