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Banned by TheVerge?


New member
Oct 12, 2011
Today, I found out I was banned by the Verge for calling them out for being a apple biased site who gives MS products very slanted and partisan reviews. I wont miss them because I don't need to read a review that basically reads like this "I haven't really used the (insert MS product here) but its not Apple so I'm sure it sucks."
I'm not saying reviewers need to like MS products but if your going to review something you should at least read the owners manual. I'm a fan of MS but ill be the first to say that there is still lots of work to do on their products, see the music app for example, but the Verge reviews MS products just for the click bait, its sad that the Verge actually calls themselves a tech site, haha. I'm sure theres talented people working there for sure and I'm definitely not going to review there performance like they review non apple products only on the merit of there individual performance based upon a pattern of the same MS hate I see over and over. Its like this, if its and Apple product its starts at a 9 and goes up from there. If its a MS product it starts at a 7 . I would add that it doesn't necessarily have to be a MS product.
So in conclusion, goodbye and good riddance.
Thank you.
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New member
Aug 23, 2015
I don't really use them for anything substantial and definitely not for purchasing advice. They do score some exclusive interviews, though.


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
I have yet to find a tech site that has truly objective reviews. I'd say the ones here at Mobile Nations are the closest thing to objective that you'll find on the net, and we aren't perfect either, but we aren't near as blatant as many sites like The Verge.