Based on what I saw where I work Microsoft's Xbox Division might have a real good sales record after


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Dec 17, 2013
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I work for one of the many stores (Wal-Mart) here in the united states that started back Friday sales at 6pm on Thursday night. Well we had Xbox one halo Bundles, and Xbox One Assassins creed bundles on sale, and PS4 GTA 5 bundles. Guess what Consoles Sold out at my store by 8pm? I will say that The Xbox One Bundles had several advantages. First the Halo Bundles were Company (Wal-mart) Exclusive Bundles, and the Halo Bundles were Guaranteed to be there for one hour even if stock ran out on the sales floor. Also the Xbox one bundles were $70 cheaper than the PS4 GTA Bundle. But still even the assassins creed bundles sold out while we still had PS4's in stock. Sony Must have dropped the ball somewhere (maybe the Playstation Vue Cable Service may have something to do with this). We of course may need to see how this is going to be nationally. But even Xbox 360 sold out at my store. So if I where Sony I would be worried.


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Apr 20, 2014
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If money spent on marketing and deals equals good sales then MS would have done very well this year especially in the UK, ads for Xbox, phones with Cortana, Surface Pro 3's and even cloud services have been pushed out like mad for the last few months, and it was just announced that Xbox has outsold the PS in the US and UK in November, I would be shocked if this changes in December as well.

And to my mind they haven't really started to tap the potentially larger "Home entertainment" market yet as all the ads where game related.

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