I truly do wish Xbox Live on WP was in a better state


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Nov 16, 2013
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That I can earn achievements on my Windows Phone, Windows PC, laptop and tablet that counts towards the same Gamerscore on my Xbox One, Xbox 360 has been huge to me.

Neither Apple nor Google have unified their social gaming to such an extent, so it was no surprise when this ended up being the first of many things that drove me to leave Android for WP.

I still have a hefty amount of games I don't have all the achievements for, yet the scene still feels like a ghost of what out could become. Though we already have some very nice games one could sink 30+ hours into, they're still treated like arcade games that only have access to 200/400GS, and it would appear Microsoft still has devs being put through hell for trying to support the platform.

Adventure of Mana recently came to android and iOS and I immediately revived my Xperia Play, Nexus 5, and NVIDIA Shield to see which device I liked playing it best on. It's awesome (especially if you have the nostalgia of it's original release), but the whole time I'm playing it, I can't help but think of how much more "into it" I'd be if I were playing this on my Lumia 950 with Xbox Live achievements.

After giving us a broken Chaos Rings which has had the same game breaking issue plastered over the grand majority of it's reviews for three years without any resolve, it'd be real easy to blame Square-Enix for this... but at the same time we've got tons of games within our own Windows Store that have avoided the headache of becoming an Xbox Live game... making me think Microsoft is truly the one who's got some work to do.

Seems like small stuff, but the thought that people have to first be having fun with their phone before they love it (in a way that can entice devs) makes a lot of sense.

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