Battery issue, losing charge quickly when plugged in

Mateusz Backi

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Oct 21, 2018
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Hi, i just bought new sb2 15" 1tb last week (usa model but im using it in uk) and had issues with battery since the beggining, im using it mostly for work but sometimes i game on it a little as well. When i do light work on best performance and plugged battery usually stays same (but doesnt charge) or drops a little. When gaming (all games (fifa 19, tekken 7, cod bo4) 1920x1200 high or ultra) battery drops to 20% after around 1:30h when plugged which makes it impossible to use for gaming) i went through different scenarios to do battery reports regarding to situation. I would really appreciate if somebody can share their reports so i would be able to compare.

steps and reports ( to it:
1 . 7:10 not charging laptop mode pulpit best performance brighter
2. 8:14 not charging tablet mode pulpit best performance brighter
3. 8.45 not charging laptop mode pulpit battery saver brighter
4. 14.15 charging laptop mode pulpit battery saver brighter (3 02 to full charge from 40%)
5. 15:05 finish 4
6. 16:34 end gaming best performance charging game stopped fifa 19 1920 x 1200 down to 25%
7. 16:35 charging pulpit laptop mode best performance (4 05 to full charge from 28%)
8. 16:55 end of charging

Would appreciate any help, don't know if i should send it back to seller, would be a hassle
And i know sb2 has battery issues i did research before buying, and knew some games can discharge battery up to 5% per hour when playing, but my situation is quite worse i think.

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