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Hi, so I'm thinking about buying a new phone. For past 2 years I had Lumia 920 and I was pretty satisfied with it, but it extremelly overheats and a lot of dirt gets under my screen for some reason, so I think about switching.

Normally I'd buy 920 again, but I thought about trying something else now, so I thought:

Which Lumia - in your opinion - has the best camera for a fair price? Also - I DO NOT care about other phone specs, it can literally have 320x240 screen or 512MB RAM as long as the camera is at least as good as 920's and the price is fair.

Thanks a lot in advance for any tips.


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Nov 20, 2014
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I would probably say a 930, or if you want a bigger phone -> 1520. The specs are still very good, win 10 runs quite nicely even now in preview, and the camera is simply awesome!!! These 2 phones are very cheap now.


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Jan 12, 2013
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First, what do you mean by "camera performance"? For someone, that could mean fast launch time, but for someone else that could mean good low light performance, while for others that could mean good detail recovery in high resolution images.

I don't use my phone for quick shots, but more for landscapes and stills, a few candid ones here and there. For this reason, the L1020 is a good camera phone, and prices have gone down, too. But the camera on the L1020 is not fast - burst mode at full resolution is 10 seconds per photo (not 10 photos per second).

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