Betas and getting there


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Nov 1, 2015
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I started using Windows Phone back when Mango (7.5) arrived. I loved it. But soon I realized that functionality and features were basic at best. As the patient human I am I decided to keep it and wait for updates. Constantly I found that stuff still remained "Beta"-versions of apps and things to come. After a while I started going back and forth between iOS, Android and WP. I prefer WPs look still as W10m has dawned on us, but many of the same issues remain. A number of services and apps are in beta, and though the number of apps is rising still - quality is not good enough and functionality is not on par with the other two large ecosystems present in the market.

Microsoft recently released 950/XL and they look ok and have a lot going for them and many die-hard fans will probably get them, but they will not be enough to get a larger user-base for WP as I see it. Your average customer is looking for a product to open and instantly put to use, Microsoft delivers a unit that is partly in beta and waiting for upcoming updates to deliver the promised stability and functions. I would love to change from my iPhone to WP once more and stay there, but issues remain and I would have to limit my possibilities to a large extent.

I love to stream TV-shows and series to my TV via Chromecast and WP does not support that, and I do not know of any competing microsoft product. Nor does WP have apps for Netflix, HBO and local variants in Europe to compete with iOS' offerings.

Lower end Lumias does not offer fingerprint-lockscreen-protection. I use my phone for work and typing a 4-digit code everytime I want to access my phone seems redundant these days.

The de-facto standards in apps such as Instagram, Facebook, local banks and more are either limited in their functionality og provide a much lesser experience - or both.

I wonder how long it will take Microsoft to be able to deliver a polished experience without Betas, things "to-come" and similar. *Sigh*