better app than Pocket Informant 8.5?


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Jun 5, 2009
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Does anyone have any suggestions for a Calendar app similar to Pocket Informant? I like Pocket Informant (v. 8.5). It has more calendar detail and the Contact listing is bigger and more detailed, has over-laid on the original Q calendar and voice notes. I can't sinc my PC to various calendar items, contacts and notes on the Q as you have to change PI's call function to bluetooth com1 which I think disables the dialing feature on the phone while BT syncing. Secondly, I can no longer do Voice Notes. When I select the original Voice notes Icon, it brings up PI's 'notes'. I can see the voice notes I have made and play them...just can't make any more. I don't want to use Active sync with this business PC as all my personal stuff would go on there. A work-around was to BT send the various business calendar/contact/notes items individually PI is really good, but this version doesn't really support BT send to PC. I would like an app that allows BT send on individual calendar, notes and contact items and one that hopefully doesn't "take over" (i may though have mistakenly downloaded the trial and selected make the PI the default...not sure). Thanks

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