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Bing countries support


New member
May 19, 2017
So, I decided to use Bing for 1 day instead of Google search. I'm from Greece, and here many features aren't available. First thing I noticed is that I should write every word perfectly right in Greek to make a search. Second you can't find region specific things, like coffee shops or restaurants and Bing maps also is useless for this staff. Also there isn't any news content in Greek. So, even I a true Microsoft fan, I came back to Google.
I'm writing all this just to say that Microsoft (Bing in this case) should understand that there are small countries also, not to only Usa. And Greek in summer is a mainstream destination with millions of tourists every year. So, if you want to come here or you want to go to another small country you have to change to Google. That's a bad strategy Microsoft. Google here had a 98% market share.

Kot Prada

New member
Nov 5, 2016
I'm just struggling with Bing in Ukraine.

We have no Yandex now (which is best in CIS; and it was set by default in W10m as search engine).

So, I'm using Bing (since I do not use Google at all). But, Bing is like half functional here.

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