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Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble since my latest reinstall of Windows 10: the icons of url files are all blank on both my desktop and in my filebrowser.
As if Windows hasn't assigned a default app. But it has and the websites open in Firefox, which is my default browser.
It is set as the default Web Browser in the settings. Additionly I have set the "default app per protocol" and set "default per app". Only the "default app by file type" still gives me "Internet Browser" for .URL files. I can't even choose Firefox here.

I've already tried to delete the iconcache.db und rebooted several times.
PDF files on the other hand DO show the Firefox-Logo as this is my default app for pdfs !!!
The Issue was most likley caused by deinstalling and reinstalling firefox once during my new setup of Windows 10.
I also tried reinstalling Firefox again and assigning another Browser as the default. The icons stay blank for those as well.

I'm thankful for any help.

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