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Blu Win HD phone damaged, how can I fix it?

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Blu Win HD phone damaged

I dropped my phone in a small amount of water, dried it off and the screen did not work properly. I allowed the phone to sit for an hour and then attempted to turn it on. It came on and indicated a low battery so I plugged it in. After another hour the phone started to vibrate. Now if I turn the phone on or plug it in it will only vibrate and the screen is black. Is there a fix? And if not would this indicate a roblem with the phone or the battery? (I love this phone but can not afford another one at this time)


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: Blu Win HD phone damaged


Impatience with a wet phone is the number one killer of hardware. Water and electricity do not mix.

It may be too late. You can try anyway.

Turn the phone off. Remove the back if able, remove any trays if able, remove the battery, the SIM, the SD card. Remove anything and everything you can. Dry everything as best you can with towels. Leave the trays out and/or the back off. Get a BIG bag of rice. The phone and all the parts should go in rice. It needs to be submerged and surrounded in rice. Sealed in. Use a tupperware or a ziplock bag. Leave the phone in the rice for 72 hours. That is 3 FULL DAYS. Don't keep plugging it in and trying to turn it on and see. It takes a long time to draw out all that moisture.

These are things that need to be done immediately after a dip or a splash or any whoopsie doodle into a puddle, a river, a lake, what have you. Especially the power down and don't "try and see". Water and electricity. They are like mortal enemies fighting it out in your phone. Water usually wins, big time.


It may just be too late, but go ahead and try anyway.

Your Phone warranty is usually void after a dip in the pool. They have a detection sticker inside that turns color when moisture gets on it so you can't just say it stopped working and I didn't do anything to it.

If you have insurance on it see if it covers water damage.

Good luck.

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