Bluetooth music streaming in car, how can I do it?

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Bluetooth music streaming in car

I have a Lumia 640 XL and drive a 2014 Kia Forte. When I use the bluetooth streaming feature to listen to the music on my phone, I'm having an issue with the display of my car.

I wasn't sure if this was a car question, phone question, or PC question... anyway, I just hope someone here can offer advice!

The display screen in my car will show what song is playing. On some songs, it will say, "Artist" - "Song" (for example, The Beatles - Let It Be). But with other songs, it will say, "Unknown Artist - Let It Be" or whatever. And even sometimes, "No Artist - Let It Be.)

My first thought was a discrepancy with the actual MP3 files on my PC. So I checked the properties on all my songs, and I can't find anything different about the ones that display the artist versus the ones that do not.

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