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Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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I Like to listen to music while I am working. Often times I work alone I get bored just working my mind starts to wonder making it hard to focus. Playing music keeps me focused on the task at hand and when working on machinery with many moving parts staying focused it a necessity.

I went in to the Radio shack the other day looking for a Bluetooth ear bud type device that would work with my Arrive so I needed something that offered A2DP connectivity but I didn't want something that covered both ears. The Radio shack rep brought out this device.

LG Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS-700

I wasn't in love with it at first but after a few minutes talking with the guy I gave in and bought it. I was thinking these don't look professional at all. They were also inexpensive for a bluetooth of this type I paid only $69.00 for them. I am used to paying in the $100 price range for a quality bluetooth.

I have been using them for a few days now I am excited to say these are a great device. I work hard sweat a lot this hasn't been a problem. The music quality is great. The noise reduction quality is superb not one complaint from anyone. I have spent the last few days on a construction site with welding going on forklifts, cranes, concrete pumper trucks you name it making noise and still not one complaint about the noise. The call volume is loud enough for me to hear in any of these environments. Best of all I don't have to worry about the dang thing falling out of my pocket and as a person who wears glasses it helps not have anything extra hanging on my ear.

The LG HBS700 has easily accessible buttons for Volume, Pause, Play, Skip forward and back. The ear buds attach to the left and right sides of the device ends with magnets. This device hangs well around the neck without slipping and fits nicely under the caller of a shirt. On Off slider is easy to access and once you know where everything is located answering a call and playing music is a breeze. With 10 hours of talk time you wont have to worry about running out of battery any time soon. I would highly recommend this device for everyone.

:cool: Dave

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