Bought Lumia 640, decided to give WP/Windows Mobile another shot


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Apr 11, 2012
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Was a long time Windows Mobile/Phone user. 1520 was my last phone, ended up biting the dust on me leaving me a little bitter. After using iPhone 5s for a while I upgraded to a galaxy s6 active which has great battery life & is built for rugged use. The $39.99 and specs on the Lumia 640 got my attention. Going to see if I can get sucked back in and see what progress has been made in the ecosystem. I still have my Lumia 900 but it's pretty much a secondary alarm & the app store is stagnate. I'm mainly going to be looking for podcasting apps that support premium podcasts that require authenticate. Not sure if anyone uses any that supports that. Can't find any on WP 7.8. If I can find enough on the 640 that replaces most of what I do, and decide i can live without the Dish Anywhere App, local news/weather apps. I may just sell the galaxy s6 active. Hopefully Windows Mobile 10 is kind on the 1GB of RAM and Snapdragon 400. I've been keeping my eyes on the HTC One m8 with the SD 801. Waiting for the 950/950 XL to be out and vetted more. Looking forward to getting this thing.

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