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Build 14951 Start Menu Freezes Grey


New member
Oct 25, 2016
Im on build 14951. I cant leave feedback the normal way cause MS broke that. So I have to leave it here.
When dragging a program icon from the programs list to the start menu the menu goes grey and although you can still click on items you cannot edit the menu.
Or as soon as you drag an item it grays the menu and locks it.

Again.. Why do you have to break such base Windows functions. If there is one function you shouldn't break its the start menu!!!!

Went to task manager. Killed Windows Shell Experience Host. I get the start menu back but it still doesn't work. As soon as you play with it it freezes and grays out.


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Mine does that too. Just noticed it today. Can't drag anything or it closes and shuts down. Can't get into my mail either