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My pet peeve: the Start menu


New member
Aug 3, 2015
I just built a new Windows 10 PC and installed the apps I use the most.

I am disappointed to see that the Start menu is still a wasteland, though. For example:

* The 'Atom' text editor isn't listed under 'A', it's under 'G' in a folder named 'Github, Inc.'
* Gigabyte's 'RGBFusion' app (for case lighting) isn't under 'R' or even 'G', it's under 'A' for AORUS.
* 'Discord' is all alone in a folder named 'Discord Inc.' WHY? Two clicks to get to it in the Start menu.
* Many apps put themselves in the Start menu along with their uninstallers. Do their developers really have such a low opinion of themselves that they want to offer users a quick option to remove their app?

Cleaning up the Start menu is also a bit of a chore because some items are in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and others are in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.

The Start menu is just about as useless as macOS's Launchpad. I hope Microsoft enforces some rules on it one of these days and gets application developers to clean up their act.

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