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Camera Lag/Video jumpy - Check SD type


New member
Mar 28, 2015
Just a quick one. If you find your camera isn't performing as expected check the class of memory card you are using! I had an 8 GB Class 2 card from my old phone, and video was jumpy and delay when pressing the onscreen 'shutter'. Bought a Class 10 card and it's fine! I didn't even know class existed until I stumbled across this whilst looking for a larger card.

Class / Minimum transfer speed / Suitable for

Class 2 2 MB/s (Read) Still photos, SD video recording
Class 4 4 MB/s (Read) Still photos, HD video recording
Class 6 6 MB/s (Read) Still photos, Full HD video recording
Class 10 10 MB/s (Read) HD continuous (burst) still photos, Full HD video recording
UHS Speed Class 1 10 MB/s (Write) High frame rate Full HD video recording
UHS Speed Class 3 30 MB/s (Write) Recording 2K & 4K videos

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