Can an Office 365 personal license from a new hardware purchase extend a home subscription?


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Jan 1, 2013
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I've ordered a couple of HP Stream 7 tablets for my kids. They each come with one year Office 365 personal subscriptions. However, I have an Office 365 home subscription and have them set up as authorized users under it. So I haven't really been able to find anything out about how the included personal subscription works (if at all) in this situation. For example, if I set myself up as the administrator account on the tablets and activate the licenses, does it create two parallel personal subscriptions along with my home subscription? Or does it replace the home subscription? Or if the kids activate the personal subscriptions, does it pull them out of the home subscription authorized users? Or does it just not work at all? (Obviously, for me it would be great if activating the personal codes would extend the home subscription by some percentage of a year. I realize what MS is trying to do with the included subscriptions, and I'm quite happy with the price of the tablets even without the Office 365 subscription, so I'm not complaining if it ends up being not usable in my case; I'm just curious what the situation is, and I don't want to accidentally screw anything up.)


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Jul 23, 2014
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I wondered about that too on the details. I activated mine and it tacked on to my month trial subscription. The activation does not seem to be connected to the account that is signed in to the tablet. You click on the activation and it asks for an email address, so I am thinking that even on your kids' tablet accounts, you could probably add it to your Microsoft account. I don't know which one would take precedence though. I wonder if you can upgrade the difference in cost.
We've been discussing this with my family too, because my dad is interested in getting the tablet but doesn't want Office 365, so I wondered if I could use it instead.
I think they'll really enjoy the tablets, though. The Stream 7 is great.

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