What features are most important to you in a standing desk?

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Michelle Haag

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Oct 12, 2011
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By now just about everyone has heard of standing desks. If you somehow haven't, it's simply a desk with adjustable height so you can both stand and sit during your work day. With so many people transitioning to working from home this year, and options for getting exercise in somewhat limited, it makes sense that people would be interested in converting their home office into something a little more health conscious, and adding in a standing desk is the perfect place to start.

There are a few different options for standing desks. You can choose from manually operated desks or electric desks, which are much more popular! The electric version makes it easy to raise and lower your desk so you're more likely to take advantage of the full range of features and the benefits that come with standing during your work day.
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 5.47.06 PM.png

I'm particularly interested in the new SmartDesk 4 from Autonomous. Not only is it an electric desk, it has an app with a ton of cool and innovative features! You can change desk heights from sitting to standing and vice versa, program preset memory heights, lock the desk so that the manual controls aren't accidentally activated, schedule sit-stand sessions, and even follow exercise videos right at your desk! I think the new additions of being able to schedule your sitting/standing sessions and being able to do quick exercises between Zoom calls and email replies are going to be a game changer for me! Are those features you would use in your day, or is a different feature catching your eye?

The SmartDesk 4 isn't out yet, but you can sign up for updates and be the first to know when it's ready to order. The only thing you have to decide is what color you'll choose!


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Jan 31, 2019
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My boss and I have talked about standing desks. Our company isn't making big purchases right now, but if it were a possibility I would definitely consider this one.
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