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Can I change Windows 10 local paths?


New member
Jun 4, 2015
Just discovered something and I hope I can explain it clearly.

When I'm in an HTML editor, I used to be able to CTRL-click on a local path and it would open the file. With Windows 10, if the URL doesn't end with a file name (e.g., ends with a "/"), then Windows 10 can't find the file and the link won't open.

../flowers/begonia-review/ Windows 10 can't find the 'index.htm' file and link won't open.

../flowers/begonia-review/index.htm Windows does find the 'index.htm' file and link opens.

This always worked for me before on any previous version of Windows for the last 16 years I've been running my website. I have thousands of internal links that end with "/", a common practice in website development.

So, is there a way to tell Windows 10 to recognize index.htm and index.html links? This is a serious issue for me, if I can't fix it, I'll have to revert back to Windows 7. Thanks.