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Can I do multiple Windows installations on different Hard Drives?


New member
Nov 14, 2014
Multiple Windows installations on different HardDrives

I have Windows 8.1 installed on a conventional mechanical hard drive. I am wanting to install the Windows Technical Preview (WTP) build 9879 on a 32 GB SSD that is also in my computer. My question is, if I install the Windows Technical Preview on the SSD with Windows 8.1 on the HDD, will they use the same Windows Boot Loader, or since the WTP is installed on a seperate SSD/HDD will it make a completely different Windows Boot Manager for that. If so will this cause problems? My System is a UEFI system, so I know that I would be able to boot back into Windows 8.1 by using the one-time boot menu.

My next question; if the latter happens, how would I go about putting them together in the same Boot Menu?


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Re: Multiple Windows installations on different HardDrives

You should be able to swap between the two by entering BIOS on startup and selecting which drive gets first priority.

No need for a GRUB to get built. I understand the desirability, but I'm not sure of the steps since it is UEFI. Try here: buliding a grub for uefi - Bing