Can I get a few Lumia 535 reviews?

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[L535] Hi need to know about Windows phone?

Hi I'm an android user.

Planning to go for a windows phone.
I recently came across the Microsoft Lumia 535.
Just wanted to know a few reviews about it from people who are using this phone.
I've heard that there are few touch issues with it... any idea when it will be resolved in Chennai?

Viewers are sayin to go for hardware version 5 and not for version 3 what is the difference between both and how do I know when to buy the phone...
Do windows phones lag?

Feedback please


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Oct 30, 2012
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Re: [L535] Hi need to know about Windows phone?

Hello, in my opinion you should go for Lumia 630. I saw on flipkart and 630 is cheaper than 530/535. Also had an better processor. Btw I'm not in India but looked up on flipkart for the info before I give my opinion. 530 has some screen issues but Microsoft is in the process of using an fix. Coming to hardware, there is no V3 or V5. Nokia/Microsoft releases handsets in number order (5xx,6xx,7xx,8xx,9xx,10xx and 15xx) where 9xx(920,925,928,930) I'd the flagship, 10xx(1020), is a camera phone and 15xx(1520) is an phablet. 7xx and 8xx are mid range phone and 5xx and 6xx are budget phone. Also none of the Windows phone lag and Windows phone OS is built for low end hardware and then scaled up depending the hardware. So you will never see lag on low end Windows phone like on Android. In conclusion, buy Nokia/Microsoft Lumia 630 if you can otherwise, buy Lumia 530/535. Good luck

harihar akhil

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Jul 20, 2014
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Re: [L535] Hi need to know about Windows phone?

To say don't get Lumia 535,i personally switched from it from Lumia 520.its just a downgrade apart from ffc and flash,games like asphalt 8 lags which used to run very smoothly on my Lumia 520.another game shadow fight sucks but when i tried it on my friends Lumia 525 it worked smoothly.

If you are coming from android better wait until devices with Windows 10 comes preinstalled.because you are going to miss not apps but many system features and settings.

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confused plz help

Im planning to go for a windows budget is nt more than 10k. I have been using android. Nt sure if to go for lumia 535,620,630 or microsoft lumia 535.hearing lot of issue in microsoft 535 wich comes wit front cam. Phones wich do nt hav frnt cam can selfies be taken by selfie app. Is it useful.. Please suggest am frm chennai


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: confused plz help

If you like a front camera the 535 and 620 are an option. On gaming front. The 630 and 535 are the best option because they have quad core processors

Quad core isn't really a deciding factor, its RAM. (maybe not technically, but its a distinction made)
I'd probably get the 620 out of all those.
The 535 is a great deal, albeit not as solid (doesn't matter to most) and has some touch issues - but it may not be guaranteed to happen on all units.
Selfies can be taken using the rear camera, especially with assistance from the Lumia Selfie app if my memory serves me right.

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