Can I get a tip with Windows Phone Social Network app?

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Windows Phone Social Network

Hey guys, I'm a web developer and part time programmer and while many programmers normally target the iPhone first I chose otherwise. Mainly because I don't have an iPhone lol. Anyways I came up with an idea to create a social networking app and release it to windows phone first and I'm about to dive right into it but first I would like to know what you guys think?

I am creating the web version and I was planning on implementing a flat, metro ui so I guess it would fit even better on windows phone. So before I dive in just to give a quick brief overview it will be able to post, repost etc, add friends, and all the other basics of social networking. What other features would you guys recommend? Any tips? Any ideas for the user interface? Feel free to shoot an email to <mod-edit personal e-mail removed> if you do and I respond instantly because I get notified as soon as an email comes in.
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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: Windows Phone Social Network

I think the biggest hurdle you have to overcome is "why my network?"
What would yours offer that makes it a compelling service over the incumbents and other startups?

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