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Can I get some help with an issue when scrolling after the Windows 10 update?


New member
Jul 9, 2015
Issue when scrolling after Windows 10 update

Hey guys,

I just upgraded to windows 10 which feels really good so far. Unfortunately, I have this big issue that makes everything really annoying, like really! I can't scroll with two fingers like I used to do before. Actually, once out of every 30 times that I try, it works.
I tried googling it and I found some stuff that some people said worked for them, that I tried unsuccessfully. I was hoping some of you knows what to do about this, because it is getting really frustrating!
If it can help I have a Lenovo yoga pro 2 that I baught about 2 months ago.



Windows 10 Champion
Sep 1, 2012
Re: Issue when scrolling after Windows 10 update

On my Lenovo Flex 10, I use one finger to scroll on my touch screen. Even when new with W8.1. I never use the track pad. If that's your issue, there should be Dell specific settings for it, as on my Lenovo. Also, check against Dell's site as they probably have new drivers specific to W10.