Can I get some help with Lumia 640 Music Player sync problems?

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Lumia 640 Music Player sync problems

I'm having issues syncing my music. I get error code 8007001F and a google search showed up only 5 results but they were for selling the phone.

Basically what happens when waiting the 20 minutes + for the sync to happen it says it has to delete a song that can't be found so it gets 'stuck' and nothing happens.

I'm looking for a way to play my music but I've had nothing but problems. New compilation albums will become one album per song. No cover art which is a pain as I'm a visual person. I want to play music without out downloading and extra 10 apps.

Almost all of the posts I read are incomprehensible due to unspecified acronyms or incomplete explanations.

Is there a Lumia 640 for Dummies book?

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