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Can I get some help with my Surface Pro 3 on Windows?

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surface 3 question on windows

I see that my outlook is only holding emails for 3 days and I looked for older ones in the archives--nothing there. I specifically need an email from a few weeks ago, and can't find it anywhere..not deleted, not sent, not in a file not in an archive. However, I know it is there somewhere...how can I find it and how can I set the inbox of Outlook to not delete further emails? thanks


New member
Jul 24, 2014
Does a "search online" option not show up at the bottom of the search results? it does on mine, it then pulls any matches from your full list of emails online into the fray - Adam


May 15, 2013
Re: surface 3 question on windows

Check your sync settings, you most likely have it to download email for the past 3 days only.

If you want all your emails, change it to "anytime".

Please join and let us know if this worked for you. If not then we will proceed further in terms of troubleshooting.