Can I see a list of the tv channels available on WinTV?

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Zero Mass Energy WinTV channel availability

Before signing up for WinTV, I would like to see a list of TV channels that I can expect it will have downloads available for. I understand I can't watch live, but might I, say, record a sporting event from ESPN or a daily news program from either a major network or channel (e.g. CNN, FoxNews, etc) or a movie from any number of channels (either standard channels or premiums like HBO, Encore, etc) to watch later? I can't find such info on Zero Mass Energy nor Microsoft sites.


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Re: Zero Mass Energy WinTV channel availability

I don't see a listing either, but from watching their YouTube video, it looks identical to Hulu or DroidTV. What it does is it grabs previous episodes that networks put on their websites for online viewing. If you want the convenience of recording these previous episode, it seems like a good deal. You could also go to the CBS, ABC, Bravo or the Science channel website and watch the episodes online.

Myself, I've looked at Hulu and DroidTV in the past and thought why pay them to show me an episode that I can watch online from a networks webpage for free.

Just my 2 cents.

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