Can I use my Windows 8.1 tablet to tether and connect it to my PC?


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Feb 27, 2017
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I have misplaced my wifi card for my PC when I recently moved home. I am currently using a Windows 8.1 tablet. I do not have a micro HDMI cable to connect the tablet to the monitor.

1 # Am I able to use my tablet as the wifi connection for my PC?

2# Can I connect the tablet via MICRO USB to USB - which I have the adapte for - to the PC so that my tablet screen appears on the monitor (instead of using a HDMI wire)?

3# My final option, I have an Android phone but the power goes down quick. I believe it has a tethering option so I assume this will work if I use the MICRO USB to USB on my PC. If I do, will this keep the Android phone charging whilst its connected?

My tablet is LINX8 32bit intel atom1gb

I would have tested these options already however my PC is currently in storage and I only want to go pick it up if I can use it to go online with or use the monitor to display my tablet screen.

Using my tablet is suffice but I have been connecting my full size keyboard to it, and my mouse to my keyboard (which has 3 USB ports) and the power on the tablet doesnt last very long so I usually have around 1 hr of keyboard use, and then over 3 hours to fully charge the tablet.

I am on a budget so I am trying to avoid buying any new items. If the above options wont work, what will be the cheapest method - to buy a wireless USB card or to buy a MICRO HDMI cable?

I apologise if I have made this sound confusing, I'm terrible when it comes to reading or writing anything technical so I hope anyone reading this can actually understand me.


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