Can Linux win the desktop PC? Experts weigh in.

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Dec 17, 2013
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Everyone's favorite penguin isn't done waddling forward.

"The year of Linux" kind of, sort of comes every year, wherein a few more people give it a try, and enthusiasts continue to love it. It's an OS that's gotten better for gaming and one that's made such an imprint on Windows Central that not all of us even bother much with Windows anymore.

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May 17, 2020
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I would say NO. Why? There are just way too many distros out there for new, inexperienced users to choose from. Pick the wrong one and they would swear off of linux forever. I know, I have been running linux for over 15 years, I still play around with different distros from time to time and some of the distros will even give me fits when installing. I am a member of several linux forums will cringed at the responses when someone asks about what distro to install as their first.

Until everyone is on the same page or more computers come with linux, there will never be a year for linux. As long as microsoft is taught in schools and businesses use windows, there will never be a year for linux. As long as computer users thinking that they would have to completely learn a new os instead of realizing how much linux works like windows, there never be a year for linux.

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