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Hello everyone, new member, first post, apologies if it's in the wrong place!

I work at an independent carpet shop. My boss has tasked me with finding out about updating the way we do things with phone/tablet technology.

There are 5 people here who would need to be involved. By that I mean would need a phone/tablet.

We want an electronic diary to do away with the large 2-page-a-day diary that we currently use that keeps getting misplaced. This is used for booking appointments for measures and quotes. Each morning, rather than gather round the diary, we could all have a synced calender of our own in our hands. We would all need access to it while we are out and about to put information in it.

I am an Android user, as are most of my friends. We all have a google calender each and we share them with each other. This way we know what we are all doing (work shifts and that, so we know when we're available for beers and such) and if need be, we can make an event and add the time and address for all to see.

This is the sort of thing my boss wants but for us sales guys and the fitters. I'm sure that windows can do similar if not the same sort of thing. If a measure can't be done by one of us, another can, and he will already have the time and location on his synced calender on his phone/tablet.

Also, related to this, we'd like to be able to access our price lists too. Currently these are all on Open Office spreadsheets. I know these can be converted into Excel files and I'm certain that these can be stored on the OneDrive for any of the 5 of us to access at any time. If a price changes, and the original document is edited, this will then sync with the devices so we are all up to date.

The supplier of our phones can do a deal on the Lumia's, that's why I'm asking in this forum. I'm thinking the 1520 due to the size of the screen making it easier to read the spreadsheets and edit the calender.

Any and all advice welcome!


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Apr 19, 2014
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Speaking of syncing information OneNote is the best app from Microsoft which will help one to share information to other people without any trouble.
And yes Lumia 1520 is the best device using it as daily driver and also for managing notes. #BigScreenBigProfit ;)


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Jul 14, 2008
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To the OP. This is one of the best info request I have read. Detailed but concise on what is used now vs what is wanted. I agree with the two above posters; a combination of Nokia 1520, shared calendars, One Drive storage should be exactly what you need.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Everyone can keep their Gmail calendar...

​You can organize and coordinate multiple accounts quite easily in Windows Phone.

When creating a calendar event in one, just include the others from your contact list via the invite feature and they will have it on their calendar next sync.

Look into a OneDrive for business account to share documents across devices in a secure way... With the built in OneDrive and Office features, Windows Phone would be a great fit for the tasks you outline.

If you can get a bundle of 1520s it would be a pretty future proof choice. I LOVE my 1520 it is a powerful device.

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