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Can not connect to chat


New member
Nov 30, 2012
I'm not able to connect to either facebook or family room chat from messages app. I tried uninstalling skype app, facebook app, turning battery saver on and off, removing facebook account nothing worked so far. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?


New member
Mar 1, 2013
So far all posted solution doesnt work for me...but now i was able to fix it on this way:
- go to https://account.live.com and login
- select "add or change alias"
- if you have no alias, create one...don`t use an @live.com address!
- make one of your aliases which is not @live.com to the primary one
- try to connect to Chat
- it should work

Hope this will help someone else...i think the main problem ist @live.com addresses, do not ask me why. If i revert to @live.com address, it breaks the IM.

confirmed working
@Outlook.de (Region Setting Account/Phone Germany)
@live.de (Region Setting Account/Phone Germany)

Maybe it depends on your account location settings and your top Level Domain of your account... (for example, i am from Germany, *.com doesnt work, *.de works...but cant test all because i cant change primary alias this often )