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Can open a file on onedrive, but access is denied on save. Used to work!


New member
Jul 15, 2018
My wife and I use a checkbook program called AceMoney. It is on her computer and getting her off Facebook so I can enter a check is difficult.
I tried to share the data file, but that seems to be beyond my technical capabilities.
I put the program on my computer as well, and put the data file on OneDrive and opened the account on both computers. At first it worked great; either of us could use it normally (though not at the same time of course).
After a couple weeks she could open the file, but couldn't save it after making an new entry; it said that access was denied.
Mine continues to work fine. She is not happy.

Nothing has changed that I know of; maybe a windows update?
Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks.

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